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Spending Time In Nature

Do you struggle with managing our mental health in your life after loss? The research is solid: spending time in nature is an excellent way to boost your mood!

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Learning To Practice Radical Acceptance

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about acceptance as part of the grief process; it’s one of the stages of grief. Did you know that there is something beyond acceptance? It’s called radical acceptance, and learning to practice radical acceptance will transform your grief experience for the better. Promise! Acceptance is the act of acknowledging and accepting something as it is, without trying to change…

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Surviving the Holidays

It’s that time of year again.  It’s time for surviving the holidays.  In our life after loss, they can be filled with triggers!  I’ve compiled some of my favorite strategies for not just managing the trigger times, but life in general!  Get your notebook out, you’ll want to write these down. Harness the Power of Focus Hyper focus forces you to shrink your world down…

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Learning To Breathe Again

Give yourself the gift of grace and time.  You have suffered a life changing loss.  You’ve had the wind knocked out of you.  Stop berating yourself because you are not immediately running the race again. 

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The Lessons in the Leaves

If you’ve given it you all, celebrate and REST. Shed the things that are draining you. Simplify. Cut back. Fuel yourself with nourishing foods. And finally, honor that time instead of beating yourself up for taking it. Remember, springtime will makes it’s appearance soon enough.

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Allow Form to Follow Function

I know that in our life after loss things are chaotic! The days can be overly busy OR strangely empty and lacking. Incorporating intentionality into the planning of your day will allow the form to follow the function, and you will end up with a masterpiece, not a train wreck!

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The Different Styles of Grieving

It is my wish that you read this today and feel a sigh of relief. There is no wrong or right way to grieve. There is just the messy process, and a light at the end of the tunnel if you keep taking the baby steps forward.

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