Julie Martella

Keynote Speaker, Professional Organizer, & Coach

Let’s Talk About Life (and Death)

It’s time to normalize the uncomfortable conversations.

Julie Martella is a speaker, organizer, coach and an unintended farmer. She created Navigating Widowhood to help widowed people thoroughly organize their life and possessions in a way that honors their past while preparing them to welcome a new future.

2022 NAPO National Conference

“Julie Martella – Navigating Widowhood – one of the BEST presentations I’ve EVER attended; note: this was my seventh conference! The content is relevant to not just widows; explains so coherently cognitive behavior therapy and how it can transform your client.”

Geri Chark Frankel, GCF Organizing

“BEST session at conference! I learned SO much and gained a better understanding and heightened compassion for the situation of my widowed clients. The presentation was well-organized and well-paced. The content was well thought out and balanced the theoretical with the practical, all while keeping the audience thoroughly entertained. Never thought I’d laugh so much in this setting! This kind of client-focused presentation is what makes NAPO conference meaningful and worthwhile.”

NAPO Annual Conference Attendee

Who Wants To Talk?

  • Grief Support Groups
  • Organizing Professionals
  • Service Organizations
  • Religious Organizations

Navigating Widowhood • Making Life Better

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