About Me

About Me

My name is Julie, and I work with widowed people. No matter where you are on your journey, I am here for you.

You’ve Come To the Right Place

You are in the right place. I AM the trifecta you have been looking for who can help you create a roadmap to get you to the next amazing chapter of your life. I am a:

  • Organizing & Productivity Professional
  • Coach
  • Widow

I spent ten years in the classroom where I worked extensively on curriculum research and development.

I raised not one, but TWO daughters with unique needs, which means I spent even more countless hours in research and development. Research, develop, implement and review was my parenting model.

Following the death of my husband, I took over a farm, which I had NO IDEA how to run. More schooling, research, and implementation of practices.

And lastly, I survived a Traumatic Brain Insult (TBI). This involved YEARS of rehabilitation and learning how to research, develop strategies for successful living, implementation, and review.

My life has been centered around the coaching model, the starting over model, and the moving forward model. I’ve got you!!

Navigating Widowhood • Making Life Better

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