Permission to Live

Do you need permission to live? This article based on the teachings of Teresa Beshwate, The Sudden Widow Coach, and it will blow your mind! Have you felt it? Have you felt that ten seconds of joy and laughter, perhaps with friends when you laugh so hard your tummy hurts? And then, like a slapContinue reading “Permission to Live”

How Do You Recharge?

How do you recharge? The holiday season is almost upon you, and it can be an especially challenging time. In addition to the stressors of regular life you may also have to tackle triggers, sadness, broken in-law relationships, and children who are grieving, but may manifest that grief as anger, anxiety, or stubbornness. Self careContinue reading “How Do You Recharge?”

The Club No One Wants To Join

There is a club that no one wants to join after your husband or wife dies. It’s called the widow/widowers club. When my husband died, I vividly remember being very angry when a well-intentioned elderly woman approached me and said, “welcome to the club.” I wanted to scream at her that I was too youngContinue reading “The Club No One Wants To Join”

Am I Ready For Coaching?

Do you wonder if you’re ready for coaching? Do you wonder if you still need a therpist? Here’s how to tell. YOU’RE READY FOR COACHING WHEN: You want to get unstuck and set goals you can achieve. You are functioning, although you may still struggle with your grief. You want to stop bad habits andContinue reading “Am I Ready For Coaching?”

Do You Need a Coach or a Therapist?

How can you tell if you need a life coach or a therapist? While both can be very helpful, it’s important to know the difference! See if you can tell which statement is fact and which is fiction. Coaching is just therapy in disguise! Fiction! A life coach and a therapy have very different roles.Continue reading “Do You Need a Coach or a Therapist?”

Grief Is Learning to Integrate Loss Into Life

Grief is the process of integrating the very personal and devastating loss of your spouse or significant other into your new, unprecedented life. It’s a journey that you do not want to take, it forces you to a place you never wanted to be, and into a process that you don’t understand. There’s a lotContinue reading “Grief Is Learning to Integrate Loss Into Life”