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“I honestly feel that your presentation was the most memorable one for me. I‘ve been struggling with the acceptance of my husband’s death these past 19 months. After your session I felt hope for my future self for the first time. It was like a weight was lifted! You shared tools that were so spot on that I will carry with me moving forward.” -Erin

“Thank you for being not just an ally of widows, but of those who are becoming. I felt something shifting inside me yesterday as I listened to you. Hope stirring for future me.” -Chloe

“You are a gift Julie. Thank you again for being courageous enough to show up and share your heart, your story, and your knowledge.” -Claire

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Do you struggle with managing our mental health in your life after loss? The research is solid: spending time in nature is an excellent way to boost your mood!

Learning To Practice Radical Acceptance

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about acceptance as part of the grief process; it’s one of the stages of grief. Did you know that there is something beyond acceptance? It’s called radical acceptance, and…

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