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I’m Julie, and I created Navigating Widowhood to help widowed people thoughtfully organize their life and possessions in a way that integrates and honors their past.

I hear you and see you, because I too am a widow. I have already walked your path and I am the perfect person to help you.

As a professional organizer, speaker, and certified life coach, you can feel confident that you are in the right place. More

What Clients Say

“I never thought I’d enjoy life again, and now I’m astounded when I have those moments where I feel carefree.” -K.

“Thank you for being not just an ally of widows, but of those who are becoming. I felt something shifting inside me yesterday as I listened to you. Hope stirring for future me.” -C.

“You are a gift Julie. Thank you again for being courageous enough to show up and share your heart, your story, and your knowledge.” -C.

“You are the most interesting person I’ve met. I really needed to meet you and I’m so glad you came.” -T.

“After my spouse died, I let everything just go. Julie helped me make a plan to get back on track. We worked room by room, until I wasn’t embarrassed to have my friends over. Thank you Julie!” -R.

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From the Navigating Widowhood Blog

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gave me an orchard full of lemons, I freaked out and ran through a multitude of worst case scenario’s. Then I stopped. I made the decision to think carefully and ON PURPOSE about what was happening and how I was going to respond to it.

When You’re Angry With God

Do you ever feel angry with God? Do you wonder if you’re being punished or if he even exists? I felt all of those things for a long time. Husbands aren’t supposed to die at 46.

The Bitter and the Sweet

Use your pain to transform how you move through the world. Learn to live in grace and love while never forgetting the brokenness. It is because of the bitter that we can fully experience the sweet.

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