When You’re Angry With God

Do you ever feel angry with God? Do you ever wonder if you’re being punished or if He even exists? I felt all of those things for a long time. Husbands aren’t supposed to die at 46.

Do you ever have days when you especially feel the loss of your loved one? The house is too big and quiet and the clock seems to have slowed. These are the days when I feel my loss the most; that yearning for that which can no longer be. Those are the days when I felt that anger.

One day I received an email, and it contained some much needed, piercing words that changed my heart. I would never tell you what to believe. I will simply encourage you to open your heart to believing something else.

Consider this…

  • God is not mad at you. God is not punishing you.
  • Life and death do not give us the answers. They are not fair; they’re not just; and it’s always too soon when it’s a loved one.
  • When life happens, when tragedies strike, God is right there in the midst of them.
  • When we are nailed to the cross (our suffering) we are not alone. And if we walk through it hand and hand with Christ, then somehow, some way, God will find a way to bring resurrection on the other side, no matter what human people have done that was wrong.
  • God is crying with you, strengthening you, pulling for you, and pulling you along. He will give you everything you need to heal and move forward into this new chapter of your life.

God is already manifesting in your life- leading you, guiding you, dropping things into your lap. A God who was angry and punishing wouldn’t be doing that.

Amy Florian

Maybe God brought you here today, and perhaps these words were exactly what you needed to hear so that a new avenue of healing could open for you.

Blessings my friends,


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