Work With Me

No matter where you are in your widowed journey, I’m here to support you.

  • New: are you wondering how you will survive?
  • Middle: are you wondering how you will deal with all of the logistics?
  • Seasoned: are you wondering how to make this unintended life work?

You and I Are Better Together

I’m here to help you find your new life after loss. I’m here teach you that you indeed have permission to live, and to show you how to find the place inside you where there is joy.

My coaching programs are full of strategies you can use to help you manage your brain and life when you are feeling broken. They can help you live your new life in a way that honors your past, acknowledges your present, and makes space in the future for you to consider what’s possible.

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“Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

-Joseph Campbell