Organizing Begins Within

Anyone can get organized….for a time, but shifting your perspective and truly organizing your life is an inside out investment in your and your future self. It’s the process of taking a magnifying glass to all the areas of your life, beginning within and working your way out.

The Work Within

What is the work within and why does it pertain to your physical space? The state of your internal world, your thoughts and feelings, create results in your life. When your inner world is at peace, its reflected in your outer world. Likewise, when your inner world is in chaos, it will be reflected in your outer world.

Your physical world is an outward manifestation of your internal life. Chaos in one area equals chaos in all of the areas.

Jule Martella

Doing the work within means committing to taking that magnifying glass to your circumstances (your life). You circumstances have triggered thoughts, and those thoughts cause feelings. Your work involves examining your thoughts and how they have made you feel, and then deciding if those thoughts and feelings are serving you. If they are not, then you get to find some new thoughts and beliefs that you can believe in and will serve you in a more positive way.

You have the power to chose your thoughts, but in order to do so, you have to become aware of them, and to do that you need to become an observer of your life.

Julie Martella

The Work Without

As your internal life begins to calm, you will naturally find yourself wanting to turn to your physical environment. This is the perfect time to take that magnifying glass to your home. You’ll notice that you begin asking yourself questions such as:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Could someone else use my spouses things?
  3. How do I want to feel when I walk into my home?
  4. Is it time to start letting things go?
  5. Is there an intuitive way to set up my home that works just for me?

These are great questions to answer when you have some peace in your inner life! Pay attention to how you feel when you ask yourself those questions. The feelings that you have will create action or inaction. When you have dealt with your circumstances, and the logistical nightmare surrounding them, it will change how you feel and how you act. You will find yourself ready to make small changes, and that’s a great starting point!

You CAN get organized in ten minutes a day, if you will commit to that time every single day. You don’t have to make organizing a giant sweep of your home. You can literally begin with ONE drawer (or one action).

Julie Martella

My husband died in our home; collapsing almost on top of me. He was moved from one room to another before being taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. I know what it’s like to not want to be in your home, to feel triggered by everything around you, and to almost be tormented by the memories.

But there’s a choice here: it’s hard to live in the chaos, and it’s hard to deal with the chaos. You get to decide.

I know that organizing your life after loss is hard. I also know that it won’t begin until you can get yourself into a better mental space and it takes an investment in you and a visualization of a better future. And lastly, I know that when you get there, the feeling of walking into your home, and it feeling like a sanctuary from the world is incredible.

Your home will never feel the same as it did before your loss, but you still have the ability to create a space that integrates the life you shared with the life that is waiting for you in your future.

Julie Martella

For years I chose to run away from my grief. I chose the chaos of my unintended life. Until I met a woman who was a life coach, and she held my hand created space for me to deal with the chaos. It was such a game changer, that now I do the same for others.

You can do this, and I’m here to help.

Julie Margaret

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