Grief Is Learning to Integrate Loss Into Life

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Grief is the process of integrating the very personal and devastating loss of your spouse or significant other into your new, unprecedented life. It’s a journey that you do not want to take, it forces you to a place you never wanted to be, and into a process that you don’t understand. There’s a lot of confusion and it leaves you feeling alone and isolated. 

I know because I’ve been there. I’m a widow too.

I am a woman who has started over many times.  The death of my spouse was by far the most difficult and traumatic reset. I was stuck in the past, barely surviving the present, and thoughts of the future left me paralyzed.

Are you there?

During this phase of grief, your biggest questions may be:

The secret is to become a bridge.

All bridges serve a noble purpose. They connect and transition us from one point to another.  They unite us. Bridges allow us to do impossible things; to overcome or surmount physical or emotional obstacles. They provide us with a new route that would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible.  

Think of your loved one. Their death served as a giant chasm in your life, ripping your future away from you; leaving you stranded in what feels like a tsunami of grief. You are so involved with surviving that grief that you cannot see the bigger picture nor your future on the other side. You need a way out!

I want to teach you HOW to build a bridge, to BE the bridge that takes you from your place of grief and loss over to the promise of a fulfilling and meaningful future. How do I do that? I use my tools of organizing, productivity, teaching, coaching and mentoring.

My mission is to teach everyone who has lost a loved one how to integrate widowhood into the grand narrative by honoring the past, acknowledging the present circumstances, and building a bridge to a fulfilling and meaningful future.

I can help you integrate the pieces of your life and move forward in a healthy way.  It’s called coaching. I’ve taken all of the tools I learned along the way and wished I had known when I was going through the process and created a program called Navigating Widowhood. If you’re ready to try something different, reach out and connect and we’ll see if my program is a good fit for you.

Blessings Friends,

Julie Margaret


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