Yes, Cleaning CAN Make You Feel Better

Cleaning can be a helpful activity in the grieving process for some people. Grief can be a very overwhelming and emotional experience, and engaging in a task like cleaning can make you feel better by providing a sense of control and organization in a time when everything might feel chaotic. So how, exactly, does it help?

  1. Provides a sense of control: When we’re grieving, we may feel like we’ve lost control of our lives. Cleaning can provide a sense of control and help us to feel like we’re making progress in some small way.
  2. Creates a physical release: Cleaning can be a physically active task, which can help to release pent-up emotions and tension. Some people find that cleaning helps them to work through their feelings of grief.
  3. Helps to create a fresh start: Cleaning can be a way to create a fresh start and move forward. By removing clutter and cleaning up your environment, you may feel like you’re creating space for new things and new experiences.
  4. Provides a sense of accomplishment: Cleaning can be a simple and manageable task, which can provide a sense of accomplishment. When we’re grieving, it can be difficult to see progress in our emotional healing, but cleaning can provide a concrete and visible accomplishment.
  5. Honors and remembers the person who has passed away: For example, you might clean and organize their belongings, or clean a particular space that was meaningful to them. In doing so, you can feel like you are preserving their memory and taking care of something that was important to them.

That said, it’s important to note that everyone experiences grief differently and what works for one person may not work for another. Some people might find that cleaning feels too overwhelming or stressful, while others might find it to be a helpful activity. It’s important to listen to your own needs and emotions and do what feels best for you in your grieving process.

Remember, you can do this, AND I’m here to help.


P.S. Cleaning and getting organized can be overwhelming. If you would like more help, click here for a complimentary conversation.

Published by Julie Martella

I am a mission driven business focused on making life better for widowed people. I am perfectly positioned to serve you, because I was you; the woman who didn’t know how she was going to get through the next five minutes, let alone the rest of her life.

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