A Camp for Widowed People

Did you know there is a camp for widowed people? I don’t know about you, but when I think of camp, it’s in the mountains in a rustic cabin with campfires, singing, boats and merit badges. This place? This “Camp Widow?” It has none of that. But, my friends, it has its own kind of magic.

What is this crazy camp I speak of? It’s called Camp Widow and it’s put on by Soaring Spirits International. For a few days widowed people get to set aside their grief work and just relax and soak in the comfort and deep understanding of being with people who get you.

Everyone at camp thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives with their person. And that didn’t happen.

I was honored to be one of several presenters at camp this time, and thoughtfully chose the topic, “Finding You In Your Future: Your Story Isn’t Over Yet.” We laughed. There were some tears. And hopefully some amazing people left with a lightness of heart they hadn’t felt in a while.

Camp Widow offers a full “camp experience” in Toronto, (Canada), Tampa, Florida, and San Diego, California. They also offer a “pop up” experience in Denver, Colorado and this year in Australia!

So, what exactly do you do at Camp Widow?

Are you a young widow wondering if you’re a unicorn? We’ve got you covered. LGBTQ? Widows of color? Older widows who want to travel? We’ve got friends for you too. There’s a widow for that and that and that. Do you want to be left alone but watch? That’s ok too!

Camp Widow. It’s a thing. If you’re a widowed person, you should consider making it your thing too.

Hi Julie, 
I‘ve been struggling with the acceptance of my husband’s death these past 19 months. After your session I felt hope for my future self for the first time. It was like a weight was lifted! You shared tools that were so spot on that I will carry with me moving forward.

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