The Tale of Two Futures

Have you ever contemplated your future? Did you know that everyone has within them the tale of two futures?

Your first future is the obvious one that will happen if you do nothing different. It’s your autopilot life that includes how your feel, how you react to things, your financial situation, whether messy or clean, and your hopes and dreams that you have based on your past experiences. It’s the Plan A future made up of everything you’ve done up till now, good and bad.

Let that sit for a moment. Fast forward five, ten, even 20 years. How’s that future looking? Are you happy? Financial secure? Do you work? Do. you like your job? Do you have good relationships or are you still sitting in the middle of a broken mess?

Now, consider for a moment that you get to chose a different future: a desired future made up of your hopes and dreams. Your Plan B future. What does desired even mean?

Desired: intended, designed, planned, advised, calculated, considered, measured, reasoned, studied, thoughtful, premeditated, discretionary, elective, optional.

Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

What would THAT future look like? If you struggle to even imagine it, ask yourself, “…but what if I could…” Friends, it’s a future that you can create, if you have the courage to reach for it.

I know that in your life after loss you struggle with looking into a future without your loved one. I know you want things to be the way they were. I get it. I did too, but knew that Plan A was no longer an option.

“You can’t paint a picture on a canvas.  You can’t write a sentence on top of a page that is filled with writing.  You can’t pour water into a full cup.  Before anything NEW is to be created, there has to be a space of nothingness.  The canvas must be cleared, the page blank, and the cup empty…. AND THE FUTURE YOU LIVING INTO SOMEHOW EMPTIED OUT.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Your plan A was the masterpiece canvas. The problem is, you need a NEW canvas (or book or cup of water) and you can’t create your new masterpiece until you have cleared the canvas.

That’s what organizing does. Sorting through your possessions is the same as cleaning the canvas, turning the page, or emptying the cup.  Think about it:  It allows you to….

  • revisit the past if only for a moment.
  • reconnect to a previous version of yourself
  • reconcile your loss.
  • honor your past
  • acknowledge your present circumstances 
  • prepares you to welcome a new future that is equal parts exciting and terrifying.  

You have a unique opportunity to carve and craft a NEW future, your Plan B; one that can be full of joy and meaning. It will look very different from that default future, but with some intentionality, you really can create a new life to love.

And I can help.

Blessings friends,


P.S. You are ready to take the next step in your journey to create a new, desired future, and are willing to invest in yourself and the process, I ‘m here. Just reach out and send me a note and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

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