Surviving the Storms Of Life

Have you ever wondered how you will survive the storms of life? After the death of your spouse have you wondered how you will ever make it though? Today, my sweet friends, I want to just give you a little perspective, and an assurance that the storms of life, while terrifying and all encompassing, will pass.

I was reminded of this recently when I was flying cross country. My weather radar app showed a large storm covering most of the middle section of the United States. It had lots of vivid colors, and I knew it was bad. We had to go through it to get to our destination.

We entered the clouds, and the world became grey. Things got bumpy and at times I held on to my seat to stabilize myself. For a moment I forgot that another world existed; after all, the evidence was overwhelming that we were stuck in angry, volatile storm. The blue skies were gone, and the world outside my window had been reduced to shades of grey.

And then, just as we traveled into the storm, we began to leave it. At first the grey skies began to thin, and then little splotches of blue appeared within the grey landscape. Finally? We were able to change our altitude and rise above the storm, and a brilliant blue sky appeared!! Not just any blue sky, but a brilliant blue that I had never seen before!

Here are some lessons to remember from the storms of life.

  1. Storms are terrifying.
  2. While in the midst of a storm, it’s all encompassing.
  3. It’s important to remember THEY WILL PASS.
  4. Above that crazy storm is still an incredible blue sky!
  5. The quickest way through a storm is right through the middle.

While it’s so hard to remember, the storms will pass. They are not all encompassing (even though they feel like it). And the quickest way through the storm is to just plow right through the middle.

In your life, you may notice that the clouds thin out. You feel a little less sad/overwhelmed/destroyed. You may notice a patch of blue sky once in a while. These are your moments of spontaneous laughter or joy. Savor them. They are the reminders that beyond this storm is a future that is so beautiful, so peaceful, and just right for you. It’s your blue sky above the storm.

And it’s waiting for you.


If you are ready to tackle the storms in your life, I run a program called Becoming where we learn to create a new life to love. Just reach out and connect.

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