Organize, Then Elevate Your Space

Once the hard work of editing has been completed, organizing your space and then elevating it can prove to be very rewarding. Organizing and elevating are two separate steps that work together to create magic in your home.


Organizing is NOT making a space perfect, Pinterest worthy, or color-coding your possessions. Organizing is about intentionally finding homes for your things that intuitively make sense… TO YOU.

Remember, you’ve already gone through your space and removed all of the things that are no longer serving you during the editing process. What’s left is everything that made the cut to exist in your life, and you want to have it easily accessible. It’s time to organize using the following method I call making families:

  1. Group similar items together.
  2. Create a family of like items.
  3. Find “homes” for each family
  4. The goal is: Every family has a home! OR… wipeout homelessness!

That’s it! Put like items together to make a “family” and find your family a “home.”


Elevating is what you do after you sort your things into like piles and need to find homes for them. It may be shopping for items such as hangers, baskets or drawer compartments, or it could be hunting those items down in your house and repurposing them. New isn’t always better friends! A treasure hunt though your home can be very rewarding and not stretch your budget.

Elevating your space, or styling, is the part of the organizing process where you find pieces to fill in the gap between what you own and how you will sort or display it.

Julie Martella

Practice Projects

I want you to be successful! And in order to do that, you need to be able to see your success! This is the value of practice projects. They are tiny projects that you can complete easily in less than an hour, and will provide the “proof” you mind is seeking that you can actually do this! Every time you open that organized practice project and see that space, you’re going to get a little hit of dopamine because it is so visually pleasing. Where to practice? Consider the following:

  1. Underwear drawer
  2. Sock Drawer
  3. Cosmetics area (only!)
  4. Silverware drawer
  5. Utensils drawer
  6. Spices! (omg a favorite!)
  7. One bookshelf
  8. One desk drawer
  9. Tupperware drawer
  10. Game cabinet

Organizing and elevating are the finishing touches on any organizing project that will take you from “this is a mess”, to “it’s a success!” If you have followed the process you’ve avoided the pitfalls that cause so many to fail, including attempting to organize everything all at once, and organizing before editing. You’ve picked your small project, followed the steps, and you have earned the privilege of smiling and feeling that “ahhh, this feels good” moment every time you look at your space.

You can do this, and if you’re struggling, I’m here to help.

Blessings Friends,


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