Creating a Clear Plan BEFORE You Organize

Creating a clear plan before you begin organizing is one of the keys to finishing the project. It’s about getting laser focused on what you want!

Remember, the first step was to find your why. This step is to refine it!

Why make a plan? It allows you to get laser focused on what needs to happen in your project because it clarifies your values, priorities, goals and objectives. The answers to those questions will help ensure forward momentum in all of your organizing projects.

When making a plan, keep asking your future self how you want to feel in this space and who do they want to be moving forward by the end of this project. Let your future self guide you. Ask yourself these questions as if you were 20 years down the road looking back at your life today.

Once you’ve made your plan, then get ready because your brain will feed you all sorts of nonsense as to why your plan will never work!! That’s the job of the primitive brain, and it’s just trying to keep you safe in the cave. Change is BAD!!! It will be your job to notice when your brain is feeding you these excuses and to learn to talk to your brain as if it were the 5 year old in the room. Here’s one for example. You insert whatever you need to work on in that area.

“Thank you brain, for trying to keep me safe. I see you and hear you, and I promise ______________________ will be ok.”

Julie Martella

Would you yell at your child or niece or nephew if they came to you and were freaked out about monsters in the closet? Or if Ironman was really an Avenger? NO! You would talk to them with loving kindness and patience. Give that same gift to yourself.

Look at your plan and made a few decisions.

  1. Do you like what you see? Circle the priority.
  2. Can you delegate any part of this plan?
  3. Have you broken it down?
  4. Have you considered your timeline?
  5. Do you have your speech ready for your primitive brain?

Speech for the primitive brain?? The last part of your plan needs to be what you’re going to do when your primitive brain is pitching a fit and throwing things at you like go watch Netflix! Eat the chocolate! Take a nap! Remember your one sentence response and be comfortable using it when it starts making noise.

Friends, you can do this (and if you struggle I’m here to help).

Blessings Always,

Julie Margaret

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