Some Thoughts for 2022

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As we enter 2022, I want to offer you some thoughts to just consider as you move forward into your new year. I know that things have been difficult, and the passage of a new year may bring sadness or thoughts that your person has been gone that much longer. I get it.

My first few years were so full of despair and my thoughts reflected it. Once I learned to become an observer of them, I realized I also had some new thoughts available to me, if I chose to believe them. Friends, you have within your power to choose your thoughts, to decide how you want to feel based on what you think. Gloom and doom creates gloom and doom. Hope creates hope!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go thought shopping!!

Try those thoughts on like a new outfit! See which ones feel good! You get to chose your thoughts, and they will change depending on where you are in your journey to life. This year, my thoughts are simply that I’m choosing to believe and to have hope… in everything.

Blessings to you and my wish for you is to have hope in 2022.


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