How Do You Recharge?

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How do you recharge? The holiday season is almost upon you, and it can be an especially challenging time. In addition to the stressors of regular life you may also have to tackle triggers, sadness, broken in-law relationships, and children who are grieving, but may manifest that grief as anger, anxiety, or stubbornness. Self care and taking some time to recharge is even more important during the holidays.

When I found myself in the middle of the stressful situations, I struggled to think of healthy ways to take a break, but not fall into buffering. Buffering is using an activity to put a space or a “buffer” between you and the painful feelings. Buffering verses recharging is the difference between benching yourself verses taking a quick time out before getting back into the thick of it.

I’ve created a list of activities you can do to recharge, pause, or take a small time out when the grief gets to be too much. Just don’t forget that the goal is to recharge, and then get back in the game!

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  1. Write in a journal
  2. go for a cup of coffee
  3. knit/crochet
  4. read a book
  5. browse social media
  6. watch a tv show/movie
  7. bake a dessert
  8. call a friend
  9. walk the dog
  10. look at pictures
  11. watch the sunset/sunrise
  12. work in the garden
  13. listen to music/playlist/podcast
  14. work a puzzle
  15. visit a friend
  16. play a card or board game
  17. stretch/yoga/meditate
  18. cook a meal
  19. take a nap
  20. create art/color

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