Death Day Decisions

There are a few very important action items that will have to be made the day your beloved dies. This is one of the reasons the living so desperately need you.  Notify family Where to send the body What is going to happen to the body Put a person or close group in charge ofContinue reading “Death Day Decisions”

The Worst Day of Your Life

What if, today, in the middle of the worst day of your life, there was someone out there that could tell you, “These are the things that are going to happen, and here’s how you’re going to deal with it.” I’m here, and I am speaking from experience. I know your world has fallen apart.Continue reading “The Worst Day of Your Life”


Sometimes when you are in the midst of turmoil follow the death of your loved one, it helps to have just one word to cling to. You can repeat your word as a mantra, and with the right word, it can recenter you in the storm. A friend this year gave me three words, oneContinue reading “Survive/Revive/Thrive”