Finding Your North Star

As you settle into the months or years following the death of your loved one, have you entered the questioning phase of your journey?  Why did this happen? What do I do with this experience? Why me? How do I move forward?   My personal favorite was: How do I make something good come out ofContinue reading “Finding Your North Star”

The Truth About Life

There’s a fundamental truth about life that is often overlooked. Understanding it will be a game changer for you in a good way. Here it is! For the most part, life is a 50/50 Split. That’s it! About half of the things in your life will fall on the good side and half will landContinue reading “The Truth About Life”

How To Make Friends As an Adult

Learning how to make friends as an adult is a lot different that as a child.  We don’t have the proverbial playground and mandatory education!  Plus, as a widow, it can be scary to put yourself out there!  Recently I posed that question to an online group. The response was incredible, supportive, and so encouraging!!Continue reading “How To Make Friends As an Adult”