The Club No One Wants To Join

There is a club that no one wants to join after your husband or wife dies. It’s called the widow/widowers club. When my husband died, I vividly remember being very angry when a well-intentioned elderly woman approached me and said, “welcome to the club.” I wanted to scream at her that I was too youngContinue reading “The Club No One Wants To Join”

50 Ways To Make Friends

Welcome back!  Making friends as an adult is a challenge, but we can do hard things!  Remember those questions I asked you to work on in part one?  If you haven’t done them, get over to the blog that is titled “How To Make Friends As an Adult”, because it’s time to get them outContinue reading “50 Ways To Make Friends”

How To Make Friends As an Adult

Learning how to make friends as an adult is a lot different that as a child.  We don’t have the proverbial playground and mandatory education!  Plus, as a widow, it can be scary to put yourself out there!  Recently I posed that question to an online group. The response was incredible, supportive, and so encouraging!!Continue reading “How To Make Friends As an Adult”