Let’s Take a Hint From Fall

Maybe it’s time to take a hint from fall.  

Look outside, if you can, and notice what’s going on with the trees.  May I share with you what’s going on in my slice of the world? 

I love my orchard and I love every single tree.  And if I am silent and watch, they can teach me a lot about life.  

The walnut trees have worked all summer to produce a beautiful nut crop, and for the last month they’ve been like a woman in the late stages of labor.  Their leaves were huge and green, and their fruit set went from a gel like substance to the nut that you and I will snack on later in the year.  They gave everything they’ve got, and finally released their crop.  

The weather turned quickly, and the nights became much cooler.  We had an early rain that was beautiful, and it helped to give all the crops a nice drink of water.    

Those trees gave it their all.  And now they’re done.  It’s time for a rest.  They’ve shed their leaves in the space of a week and even the wood has turned an ashy color.  Those leaves now blanket the floors, providing nutrients as they decompose, and the trees have gone dormant. It’s time to rest and recuperate.  

When I walk in the orchard I cannot help but wonder if my life would be better if I took a cue from the orchard, from Mother Nature.  Work hard and rest.  Work hard and rest.  

What if I allowed myself to follow the natural rhythms of nature?  What if I “shed” some responsibilities, some excess activities?  What would that look like?  What if I “rested” while it was cold and dark outside?  Dear Lord, what if I just stayed home when it was dark?  

I’m not sure, but I’m willing to try because I also know that in the spring, after that rest, those trees awaken and begin their amazing cycle one more time.

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