How To Make Friends As an Adult

Learning how to make friends as an adult is a lot different that as a child.  We don’t have the proverbial playground and mandatory education!  Plus, as a widow, it can be scary to put yourself out there! 

Recently I posed that question to an online group. The response was incredible, supportive, and so encouraging!! There were, in fact, so many answers, that I was able to create categories and clearly see a top 3!

What I learned was that making friends as an adult is actually a two step process. You need to get in touch with what it is that you like to do.  For a long time, I couldn’t even tell you what interested me!  I was numb and overwhelmed trying to take care of kids and a farm. There were no extra curricular activities.  I had to come up with different ways to answer the question.  Here they are.  

What makes you smile?

What makes you laugh?

What brings you joy?

What makes you lose track of time?

What do you tend to follow on social media?

What makes you feel curious?

What is the place of religion in your life?

What is the place of activity in your life?

How do you feel about alcohol? 

How involved to you want your children involved in your social life?

Making lists from these questions allows you to zoom in on what YOU like to do. Once you are armed with that information, then the list becomes a powerful tool. 

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