50 Ways To Make Friends

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Welcome back!  Making friends as an adult is a challenge, but we can do hard things!  Remember those questions I asked you to work on in part one?  If you haven’t done them, get over to the blog that is titled “How To Make Friends As an Adult”, because it’s time to get them out and put them to work to address the SECOND STEP in making friends:  finding likeminded folks!

Here’s the list of suggestions for how to make friends as an adult.  As you read through these ideas, pay attention if any of them make you feel curious. The top three have a lot of meat to them. Responders had tons of ideas to connect!

At the bottom of the categories I’ve also given you google search ideas.  Then you don’t have to worry about how to search. Have fun and see where it takes you!  

I have to say a word about Meet-Up.  Meet-Up helped me connect with a widows group, and I am eternally grateful for my friends I have met there.  They have a lot of great groups, depending on your area, and it’s been a fun way to safely try out different activities.  

Finally a word about the family category:  Family activities are great ways for you AND your kids to make new friends.  Nothing creepy.  Just opportunities. 

The Top Three Ways People Make Friends As Adults

  1. The hands down winner was getting involved in a church or church group.  What that tells me is that people move towards their comfort zones throughout life, and it is a huge social event in every community.  As a widow, you may like or not like that. Remember, this is a no judgement zone.  You can google churches based on your belief system.
  1. Getting to know your neighbors.  Make cookies and go visiting.  Drag your BBQ to the front of the house and start cooking hot dogs.  Be friendly, wave, smile and make eye contact.  Invite your neighbors over to celebrate a TGIF or for bagels on a Saturday.  Consider moving into a new housing tract if you’re moving.  They’re full of people just like you.  Your neighbors are the people you will see most often and have huge friend potential!
  1. Volunteer in your community.  Join a service club like Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Toastmasters or the Elks Lodge.  Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity.  Sit on a board.  Attend the local farmers market, the rodeo, the fair or just hang out at bingo night. One person said she volunteered at a horse therapy ranch.  Just make sure they’re doing what you like!

Using Technology:

  1. Join a facebook group
  2. Join a Meet-Up group
  3. Start a ladies coffee group using the Nextdoor App
  4. Join an online organization via Zoom

Outdoors and Adventure:

  1. Join a hiking group
  2. Find the local dog park and join doggie playgroups
  3. Look for a kayaking group if you live near water
  4. Join a bicycle club

Social Activities:

  1. Hang out at bars
  2. Chat people up
  3. Ask locals questions
  4. Go to the same bar or restaurant the same day and time for a month.  The same people go!
  5. Join a bunco group
  6. Go wine tasting
  7. Find a motorcycle or boating club


  1. Enroll your kids in a sport
  2. Join the band boosters
  3. Join any school boosters club
  4. Enroll your kids in 4H 
  5. Enroll your kids in Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts


  1. Get a part time job, even if you don’t need one
  2. Meet people at work in your full time job.
  3. “Be Mayor of the town, then everyone wants to be your friend!”

Sports and Fitness Activities:

  1. Participate in a recreational sports league
  2. Coach a youth sport
  3. Join a fitness club or gym
  4. Take classes at the gym


  1. Join a bowling league
  2. Join the local Roller Derby
  3. Find your local recreation center and take a class


  1. Join a book club
  2. Join an art class
  3. Join a knitting or crocheting group

Now wait!  You may be thinking “Sounds nice, but where do I find these things?”  Use your computer!  Here are your google searches to help you find your new tribe.

  1. Recreation center calendar of ___________________ (insert your town).
  2. Book/Art/Knitting Groups near me.
  3. Gym Classes in _________________________.
  4. Fitness/Yoga/TaiChi/ Pilates Classes near me.
  5. Dog parks near me.  
  6. Churches near me.
  7. Church activities in _____________________.

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