The Worst Day of Your Life

What if, today, in the middle of the worst day of your life, there was someone out there that could tell you, “These are the things that are going to happen, and here’s how you’re going to deal with it.”

I’m here, and I am speaking from experience. I know your world has fallen apart. I know, dear one, that you are frozen, numb, and terrified of what the future holds for you. Frankly, you’re terrified of what the rest of the day could hold for you.

You have one huge decision to make today, and it has everything to do with you, and no one else. Are you going to pull yourself together, or are you going to completely lose it for a while?

There are no wrong answers, but there are consequences that will affect you. Before you decide, there are a couple of questions you need to think about. Do you have living little people that need you to be present for them?  Do you have a responsible adult who can make critical decisions for you? I want to encourage you to be present today. The living need you!

Today is a day for courage.
Close your eyes and picture your beloved.
Ask yourself what would they want you to do right now?
Then do it.

You do not have to be strong forever, but you need to be strong until bedtime. See, there are going to be some decisions that HAVE to be made today, and they may not be able to be made by another person. You can do this, and I am here to help.

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